Umbragroup S.P.A., a leading company in the aerospace sector

UMBRAGROUP is a company that deals with the realization of ball screws and other e-motion technologies for aerospace, industrial and energy sector.

logo Umbra

The company designs, manufactures and sales ball screws and other high precision mechanical components for over 35 years. Thanks to innovative ideas and the latest generation technologies used in the production processes Umbragroup S.P.A. has rapidly become a world leader in the production of ball screws for the aerospace industry. Umbra was founded in 1972 in Foligno, since then its growth path has been constant and today it has reached six production facilities in Italy and in the world. The company manufactures for the aerospace industry transmission shafts, electromechanical actuators, precision gears, splinted products, steel balls, ball screws, acme screws, tie rods and no-bake brake.

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